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Dazkarizeh 73 - 5831/AL

RochaMar 3M - 36715/AL

GuestHouse - Dazkarizeh 73 - Park

 (+ 351) 291 638 748 / (+ 351) 965 792 782

Rooms and Prices

In Dazkarizeh 73, the rooms were idealized in order to  take advantage of the wonderful view of the sea and coast. With tropical asian decoration you'll feel embraced by the exoticism and relaxing environment of the tropics without having to travel to the other side of the globe.


rooms are cleaned daily and every room has wifi, private bathroom,  air conditioner, tv, safe deposit box, minibar, hair dryer, tea/coffee machine and take away service if asked for.


Guests have access to all of the services and infrastructures available at Dazkarizeh 73 Park.

Children with ages under 16 years old  can only use the jacuzzi and sauna if accompanied by an adult.


Services such as  laundry and rent a car can be provided if asked for.

Dazkarizeh rates are set for two periods: high season from May 1 to September 30 and the low season rest of the year. All rates include breakfast. 

To confirm availability and rates please contact us via email info@dazkarizeh73.com