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Dazkarizeh 73 - 5831/AL

RochaMar 3M - 36715/AL

GuestHouse - Dazkarizeh 73 - Park

 (+ 351) 291 638 748 / (+ 351) 965 792 782

About Us

The genesis of Dazkarizeh 73, within a stunning nature, places it among the prime destinations for a holiday full of purity in a relaxing environment that breaks the stress of everyday life. 


On the southern slopes of Madeira, within a tropical fruit plantation, Dazkarizeh 73 opens the doors for a trip by the exoticism of the tropics, which brings out the flowers, fruits and birds. 


Dazkarizeh 73, provides accommodation, catering, breakfast, spa services and fitness activities. 

Our action aims to serve our guests by providing them with services that meet their specific needs. 


Bringing together unique conditions for activities in nature, whether hiking, birdwatching or farming activities, Darkarizeh 73 Park is also equipped with outdoor pool, sauna, jacuzzi and gym.


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